How does an Online Physiotherapy Clinic work?

Book an appointment

Book an appointment using the contact form, giving me a call or sending an email.  You will then be sent an email confirming your appointment and letting you know what happens next.

Initial Assessment

Using the TeleHealth platform Rehab Guru, a thorough assessment of your injury/conduction will be conducted.  This will involve me asking you a number of questions to gain a detailed history of your symptoms, previous treatment and lifestyle to gain an understanding of your problem.  I will then get you to run through some movements to help formulate a diagnosis.

Individualised Rehabilitation Programme

Following your assessment, we will discuss your diagnosis and how best to treat/manage your injury/condition.  A full explanation of your rehabilitation programme including advice and education will be shared with you so that you can start making positive steps towards gaining control of the problem.

Follow Up Consultation

Through shared decision making, we can decide whether you require follow up consultations in order to re-evaluate and monitor your injury/condition.